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Two GWS established in New Zealand


Posted: April 8, 2024

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Two new group worship services (GWS) of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) were established in New Zealand last March. These are in the city of Nelson and town of Westport in the east and west coasts, respectively, of South Island.

This development came on the heels of the inaugural worship service of the Kerikeri GWS held the previous month, February 24.

“We firmly believe that the continuous expansion of the one true Church Of Christ here in New Zealand is a work of God,” said Brother Dennis S. Dahunan who officiated at one of the two inaugural worship services of the new GWS held a week apart.

“Since its establishment on September 22, 2017, the New Zealand Ecclesiastical District [has now grown into a total of] 41 congregations and several extensions and GWS all over New Zealand, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Fiji Islands,” the district supervising minister added.

Nelson GWS

The members of the Nelson GWS held the inaugural worship service on March 14 at the Wakapuaka Memorial Hall along 460 Wakapuaka Road in Wakapuaka, a township north of Nelson. They now conduct regular worship services at a rented hall in Trafalgar Street, The Wood, a suburb of Nelson.

God granted our prayers that a place of worship be established here in Nelson,” said Florencio Andal, one of the pioneer members. “The worship service is the most important thing in our life so this group worship service is truly a great blessing from God.”

Husband and wife Raul, a group overseer, and Marla Del Moro, a finance officer, expressed that “through our worship services, God outpours the blessings we need in this life. We really can’t explain the happiness we are feeling now.”

Another member, Renald Mendoza, declared, “I’m even more inspired to continue in fulfilling my duties despite the hardships.”

Brother Dante Ariola Jr. is the present resident minister in charge of the spiritual welfare of the Nelson GWS’ members.

Westport GWS

On March 21, the inaugural worship service of the Westport GWS took place at the Carters Beach Sunday Market Hall in Carters Beach, a suburb of Westport. It was officiated by Brother Jonas Medrano, the assistant district supervising minister.

Brother Arnel Del Rosario, resident minister, in an interview, recalled, “When there was no Westport GWS yet, the brethren here traveled for more than 100 kilometers for them to attend the worship service in the West Coast Congregation. Regardless of the danger in traveling and the severe weather condition, they did not forsake the worship service.”

“Now that we have a place of worship near our homes and places of work, we’ll ensure that the Church Of Christ in this place will expand. We’ll also strive to introduce the Church to many people here as we can for them to hopefully receive the hope for salvation,” head deacon, July Manuel, promised on behalf of his fellow members.

In an interview, Brother Medrano, thanked the Church Administration “for the guidance and genuine concern for the brethren in this part of the world. To Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, our Executive Minister, thank you for the love and care. We promise to God that we’ll continue to help you and take care of the growing congregations.”

The Westport GWS now conduct regular worship service at a rented hall along Lyndhurst Street in Westport. – With reports from Roxanne Rosquita of INC News Section