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Sharing the faith

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo gladly fulfill their duty to share the faith. They invite all people to attend Bible study sessions in their homes and evangelical missions held in the houses of worship and in public venues.

The Church Of Christ also uses mass media in spreading its message of hope to a broader audience.

Pasugo: God’s Message, the monthly official magazine of the Church, carries mainly religious articles and Church news and features. Its maiden issue came out in February 1939 and was called “Ang Pasugo.” In 1978, it released its first international edition called “God’s Message.” Since 2004, the two editions have been merged. Its official website is at Aside from the magazine, the Church also has other publications such as books, pamphlets, leaflets, and fliers for worldwide distribution.

INCRadio DZEM 954kH, an AM radio station, began its broadcast in February 1969. A year prior, the Church had begun its radio evangelism through its religious programs aired over DZEC. INCRadio maintains a wide media presence through relay stations in various provinces and its own website that features live-streaming; its channels in YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites; and its own mobile application.

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INCTV is the flagship television station of the Church Of Christ. The Church first ventured in TV evangelism with the “Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo” program which premiered over a major TV network in the Philippines in February 1983. NET25 opened in 2000 and GEMTV 49 in 2005. In 2012, the Christian Era Broadcasting Service International Incorporated (CEBSI) rebranded the latter as INCTV, which features an all-Iglesia Ni Cristo program format. Through Cable TV stations, the Church’s programs are also available for viewers outside the Philippines.

Aside from the official websites of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine, INCTV, and INC Radio, the Church also maintains websites such as and and social media pages for its Christian Family Organizations, Iglesia Ni Cristo News UpdatesIglesia Ni Cristo Media.

The Church has also been utilizing videoconferencing and live-streaming technology to host international evangelical missions on-air and online. Likewise, mobile apps for INCTV and INCRadio are now available to all for free at app stores.