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Thousands visit first INC Science Fair


Posted: March 12, 2024

More than 6,000 youth members from the eight ecclesiastical districts in the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines visited the first ever INC Science Fair for the Binhi organization and the Children’s Worship Service (CWS).

Together with their parents and guardians, the Binhi and CWS members from the districts of Caloocan NorthCAMANAVACentralMakatiManilaMetro Manila EastMetro Manila South, and Quezon City flocked to the six-day event held at the Iglesia Ni Cristo Museum from February 26 to March 2, 2024.

The exhibit opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by brothers Joji Crisostomo and Daniel Solano Jr., ministers who assist in the supervision of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office.

“This activity aims to pique the interest, and increase the knowledge of Binhi and CWS members in science and technology, and give our brethren the opportunity to present inventions, and showcase their skills in robotics,” said another minister assigned in the CFO Office, Brother Garry Graycochea.

The youth were guided by facilitators, some of whom KADIWA members and officers, others New Era University (NEU) students, in a course through the exhibit-from the centerpiece displays up to the last booth.

Among the main displays in the science fair was an atom-like structure at the Museum’s centerpiece area, highlighting the CFO as the nucleus with its different organizations and societies being the electrons revolving around it. Also in the area was fuel efficient car prototype invented by the NEU-Department of Mechanical Engineering which was their entry in the 2015 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia Competition.

Surrounding the centerpiece area were the interactive booths representing various fields of science, such as anatomy, astronomy and meteorology, botany & zoology, chemistry, geology, optics, physics, and robotics. The final exhibit booth the participants would visit was the Science & The Bible booth which showcased proofs that the science does not contradict the Bible when science has reached the absolute truth.

Afterwards, the attendees were given memorabilia and took their souvenir photos in a designated booth. They were also given the chance to take a tour in the INC Museum itself.

“We are happy to be among those who have visited the Science Fair. We were amazed with the interactive booths prepared for us,” said Gabrielle Hernandez, choir member from the Local Congregation of Galas, Ecclesiastical District of Quezon City. “This can greatly help in our studies for not only we were able to gather scientific knowledge, but most of all, this helped us further understand that the Bible does not contradict with science.”- With reports from Rannesy Palenzuela of INC News Section