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Lucena City Congregation holds special worship to mark 88th year


Posted: March 9, 2024

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The Local Congregation of Lucena City recently reached its 88th anniversary, which its members commemorated primarily by conducting a special worship service officiated by Brother Ernesto V. Suratos, the General Treasurer of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

On that momentous occasion held on February 18, 2024, the congregation reminisced with gratefulness the abundant blessings of God for almost nine decades now. These included the successes He bestowed in all Church works that led to its tremendous growth and progress.

“Our parents and grandparents were very active in sharing the true faith back then, when the Church here in our town was at its formative years,” recalled Irene Nicodemus, a finance officer. “Their dedication was not in vain as Church membership here increased, and our local congregation has reached a glorious state.” She added that she will uphold what her parents would always remind her: “Never neglect your Church duties.”

Vilma Quinto, a deaconess, said, “This day I’ve received a great blessing,” expressing similar sentiment her fellow members have had.

Thus, on behalf of the congregation, Brother Ryan Dionisio, the resident minister, said, “We’re all the more inspired to remain steadfast in our divine election.”

Established on February 13, 1936, the Lucena City Congregation is among the 43 local congregations, 3 extensions, and 2 group worship services (GWS) the Quezon Ecclesiastical District supervises. – With reports from INC News Section