Unity and love wins in 2018 Worldwide Walk

May 8, 2018
Manila, Philippines
1:00 PM

MORE THAN THE RECORDS bagged in the recent 2018 Worldwide Walk, unity and love won. In more than 33 countries and eight territories, members of the Church Of Christ, joined by invited guests, walked in unity against poverty.

In Manila, Philippines, the primary site of the charity walk, more than a million participants joined. In satellite venues, thousands of brethren and non-INC participants showed up and walked the set distance of 1.6 kilometers (1.1 miles).

In Western Canada alone, more than 5,000 participants showed up to take part in the worldwide activity of the Church Of Christ. There were three sites in the region: in New Westminster, British Columbia; in Edmonton, Alberta; and in Calgary, Alberta.

In Southern Europe, thousands participated across Italy, Spain, Israel, Greece, and Cyprus. In Italy, three sites played host to the eager participants: Rome, Pisa, and Milan. In Israel, participants gathered and walked in three sites: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

In Northern Europe, participants gathered in Frankfurt and Hamburg (Germany); Paris and Marseille (France); and in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

In Africa, hundreds of participants joined not just in the King William’s Town site but even in the island nation of Madagascar.

In Asia, multiple venues played host to crowd of eager participants. In Hong Kong, the participants walked along the city’s famed boulevard. Participants in Macau staged their walk in the International Soccer field.

In the Marianas, five sites played host to hundreds of particpants: one in each of the islands of Guam, Majuro, Pohnpei, Saipan, and in the Republic of Koror, Palau. “In our district, upwards of 2,000 participated across the five venues. Other than Filipino brethren, there were particpants of Chamorro, Korean, Chuukese, Pohnpeian and Marshallist descent,” said Brother Gino Ramilo, the district supervising minister.


“We are happy to have participated in the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty,” said Sherlita Codinera, an 80-year-old participant from the island of Tingloy, Batangas, Philippines who traveled for seven hours just to get to the main site of the charity walk in Manila. “When we help our fellowmen we bring glory to God,” she added.

Indeed, more than the World Records bagged (Largest Charity Walk in a Single Venue, with 23,171 participants; Largest Human Sentence, with 23,235 people; and Largest Picture Mosaic formed by People, with 9,000 individuals), the unity and love of the participants are the winners.

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