Our Projects

The Church Of Christ engages in infrastructure and other developmental projects, from small- to large-scale, that address the needs of its members and their fellowmen. Worth mentioning are the following:

Houses of worship

To meet the needs of its constantly increasing number of worshipers, the Church Of Christ carries out a vigorous chapel construction program.

This also includes the purchase of closed-down buildings of other religions and the renovation of such properties into the Church’s houses of worship.

Through the recent years, the Church has built about 5,000 houses of worship worldwide.

Offices and other buildings

Aside from houses of worship, the Church Of Christ also constructs other buildings for worthy purposes.

Some of these are the Church’s main offices in the USA, England, and Japan; the administrative offices within its Central Office complex in Quezon City; and the Philippine Arena and the Philippine Sports Stadium in Ciudad de Victoria in Bulacan.

Resettlement and livelihood

The Church Of Christ establishes resettlement communities consisting of housing units, livelihood sites, and houses of worship.

Recently established are those in Sitio Langit, Alangalang, Leyte, Philippines for the displaced survivors of Typhoon Haiyan; in Paracale, Camarines Norte for the Kabihug; and in Barangay Danlag, Tampakan, Cotabato South for the B’laan (both indigenous peoples in the Philippines).