Jang Kim

Woodland Hills, California

I went through the Bible in a year…which created a lot of questions in me and because a lot of these other religions that were attending their services, they would say things and I would be like, ‘hmm...that doesn’t exactly gel with that I am reading in the Bible.’

Every time we visited a new church I would ask to meet with the head pastor of that church and we would chat and I would always leave those meetings thinking these are nice guys but I don’t really know that they’ve satisfied my questions

I guess you can say I gave up on the idea of figuring things out and put it in this little mind box of “I’m never going to figure that out because I’m a man, there’s no way I can figure that out,” that [it] will all be revealed to me once I go to heaven.

And so that’s kind of how I dealt with that until I was introduced to the Church Of Christ…everything is centered around, everything revolves around the Bible.

And all the answers come straight from the Bible. It’s not some weird and wacky interpretation of what they read in the Bible, it’s “let’s hear what the Bible says.”

And some of those answers are very tough to swallow in this day and age where people want some easy answers. But the Church of Christ doesn’t shy away from that.

Clay Knight

Atlanta, Georgia

Well, you know, I read the Bible a lot, back then, as I still do. And I know that the Methodist church taught the trinity, but I had read the Bible.

Nowhere in the Bible could I find any reference that suggested Christ was God! And certainly no reference that the Holy Spirit was God. In fact, everything in the Bible suggested that they were all separate entities. So, this particular issue really bothered me… I still believed in God very much, but I just couldn’t find a church that felt right. I mean, it was always this trinity thing, and there were a lot of other things, too, a lot of other factors.

Now the only place I found those answers was in the Church Of Christ. It was the only place that I could find those answers.

Whenever the minister discussed the trinity, he very clearly pointed out every verse that referred to God or Christ as separate entities. He showed how Christ, numerous times, referred to himself as a man. He referred to God numerous times, saying, “I am the only one. There is none like me. And there never will be.” And so it was irrefutable evidence that someone, at some point, had made up man-made information about this trinity. It couldn’t possibly have come from the Bible because it’s not there. It’s just not there And I began to put it together. And it started making sense to me. So I finished my Bible studies and I was baptized.

Mmakatla Monatisa

Qwa Qwa, South Africa

I used to ask myself why is it Jesus Christ is God? And we say also that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? How does it come about to be like that?

So I told myself, 'okay I have many hobbies, so I'll just make this a hobby, to believe Jesus is God,'' but it didn't ring right. So I went from religion to religion, to try and find out.

[Eventually Mmakatla was invited to a Bible study in the Church Of Christ.]

It was about the Bible and God and Jesus Christ, the man. And then he [the minister] gave us a distinction between God and Jesus Christ and it was like, there is the answer I've been looking for all this while.

God is our Almighty Father, He's the supreme, He's the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Lord Jesus Christ is not God. It was a distinction that was so subtle to any other person but that was there…my life turned around because suddenly I had found the knowledge I'd been seeking...I found the church I want to belong to.

Melvin Paramore

Temple Hills, Maryland

I was always skeptical of other religions and how they were structured particularly the idea that Jesus set up one church and there were so many and I said why is there so many churches when Christ only set up one.

[I’ve] been a student of history. And when I joined the Navy, not very much you can do but work and read and I took an interest in reading the bible. I guess, I must [have] read it from cover to cover. And also the places I went in Europe, the places that [were] talked about in the Bible.

And almost immediately when I got back to the states, I was invited to listen to the Bible teachings from the Church Of Christ.

What convinced me was how accurate the Bible was when it came down to geographies, when it came down to the true nature of God, the true nature of Christ, where did the trinity come from, all of these things. It just made common sense. You had your ears opened, your heart opened, your eyes opened, it was a no-brainer, with me. Some people have a problem accepting the truth. Not me.