Local of Milpitas, Northeast California Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

The local congregation of Milpitas from the Ecclesiastical District of Northeast California commemorated its 5th anniversary, with a three-day long celebration.

On the first day, an Evangelical Mission was officiated by the District Minister, Brother Arturo M. Bairan and was held in the local congregation of Fremont. Many guests were invited by the officers and brethren to listen to the words of our Almighty God.  Brother Bairan in his preaching gave emphasis on the importance of the Church of Christ in attaining salvation. Many of the invited guests showed their willingness to learn more about the teachings of the Bible being upheld in the Church of Christ and interest to undergo Bible studies.

On the second day, the worship service was officiated once again by Brother Arturo M. Bairan. The District Minister in his preaching stated that God had blessed the local congregation with great success even though it went through trials and persecutions. He admonished the brethren to heed the call of the Church Administration through the leadership of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo to uphold their spiritual fervor to be worthy of salvation.

The third day, the brethren gathered at the Cardoza Park in Milpitas to have fun and to relive the five blessed years God had bestowed to the local congregation. Games, food and the spirit of brotherhood abounded during the entire activity.

Contributors: Brother Resty Reyes and Brother Jommel Morado (CFO)
Photos: Brother Arman David