INC Radio Leads Payatas Outreach EVangelical Mission

Barangay Payatas in Quezon City is infamous for having the largest open dumpsite in the Philippines and yet for many they call this place their home. Many of the residents of Payatas are informal settlers and makes a living out of the refuse from other people.

Payatas is also the site of the Outreach EVangelical Mission launched by INC Radio. Christian Era Broadcasting Service International Inc. or CEBSII personnel, the Maintenance Department of the Central Office and the officers and brethren of the local congregation of Payatas were also actively involved in the activity. It is the aim of the activity to be able to share that which is most important in the lives of men, the words of God. Brother Arnel L. Solano, INC Radio Station Manager stated that above radio ratings, it is more important for people to know more and be brought to the true  faith.

INC Radio ministers, volunteer workers and their family with other CEBSII personnel trooped to Payatas, days before the Outreach EVangelical Mission. Their purpose is to hand out pamphlets and invitations to residents. The pamphlets contain a brief introduction about the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo). They personally talked to residents and invited them to attend the EVangelical Mission.[clear]

The EVangelical Mission was held at the Molave Covered Court, one of the large venues in the area. Many of those who were given invitations were able to attend and listen to the preaching of the words of God. The venue proved to be small compared to the sheer number of residents who attended.

Brother Rene Panoncillo, minister of the gospel was sent by the Church Administration to lead the study of the words of God. Brother Rene clearly emphasized the great need of men to address not only the challenges of daily living but more so to attain the promise of salvation.

A day after was the Welcome Kapatid Ko event. The event was to “welcome” the newly enlisted bible students on Church doctrines and those who expressed interest to know more about the Church. It was filled with performance after performance to the delight of the attendees. The downpour during that time proved to be a challenge but still the performers kept on to the cheers of the audience. After the event, attendees were handed goodwill bags.

The activity will be a continuing project of INC Radio to be always one with the Executive Minister of the Church of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo in propagating the gospel to more and more people.