EVangelical Mission Coinciding with the Anniversary of Philippine Independence

CIUDAD DE VICTORIA, BOCAUE, BULACAN – Independence Day, is a day of freedom.  Freedom from an oppressing power which oftentimes curtails the rights of citizens.  The 118th anniversary of Philippine Independence is to remember how important freedom is and to make sure that the citizenry remains with its freedom.  This was the analogy of the lesson preached during the EVangelical Mission in Ciudad de Victoria.

Thousands upon thousands of guest filled the Philippine Arena and the Philippine Sports Stadium as the Iglesia ni Cristo held a successful EVangelical Mission.

In spite of the inclement weather condition, brethren were not hindered as they came in droves with their guest.  Their efforts were not in vain as they were blessed with the words of God during the gathering.

The attendees came from the two ecclesiastical districts of the province of Bulacan namely:  Bulacan North and Bulacan South.  Brethren and guest coming from the ecclesiastical district of Metro Manila North also eagerly participated.  The ecclesiastical district of Metro Manila North is comprised of the areas of Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela more known for its acronym,  CAMANAVA.

Around one in the afternoon, the entertainment part of the program ensued.  Performers rendered  Christian music to the delight of brethren and guest alike.  Before four in the afternoon, guest already filled the largest indoor mixed used theater in the world, the Philippine Arena as well as the massive adjacent structure, the Philippine Sports Stadium.

Brother Glicerio B. Santos Jr., minister of the gospel and General Auditor of the Iglesia ni Cristo was sent to officiate and preach the words of God.  The EVangelical Mission coincided with the anniversary of Philippine Independence, the day the republic proclaimed  its freedom.  The lesson preached showed the importance of freedom that man enjoys and the true freedom that man should make sure to achieve.

Brother Glicerio also exhorted the brethren to the call of the Executive Minister of the Church of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo to continue with “Project Reconnect”, to help more and more people who are not yet members of the Church to reconnect with the true Church of Christ, with our Lord Jesus Christ and ultimately to our Almighty God.