DIGPI: A Story of Fighting for the Faith

In line with the celebration of the 102nd Anniversary of the reemergence of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) and its establishment in the Philippines, a Theatrical Play Presentation entitled DIGPI: A Story of Fighting for the Faith was staged at the INC Tabernacle last July 17, 2016.

The activity started at 6:30 in the evening with an Opening Prayer led by Brother Israel U. Flores, District Minister of Metro Manila South. It was then followed by the Opening Remarks given by Brother Edwil Zabala, a minister of the gospel.

Even before the Tabernacle was opened for the viewers, excited audience lined up at the doors of the venue to secure a good view of the Play.

The story discusses on the challenges members of the Church of Christ have to face in order to exhibit their fervor and to display the decisions they make to prove their stand and priorities.

Brother Romer D. Galang, District Minister of Central led the attendees in the Closing Prayer.

With the help of our Almighty God, and through the constant guidance of the Church Administration, the first show of DIGPI was successful.

The Stage Play was produced by INCinema, which has been a very effective instrument in promoting Christian values through full-length films, short-films, and stage plays.

DIGPI: A Story of Fighting for the Faith was written by Brother Roberto Cepeda, a deacon of the local congregation of Syquia, ecclesiastical district of Metro Manila West, and was directed by Brother Maru Peter Henry of the local congregation of Tandang Sora, ecclesiastical district of Central.

Church officers and members from Metro Manila Districts and nearby provinces of Laguna, Bulacan, Rizal, and Cavite composed the casts and production staff.