[youtube]Insert video URL or ID here[/youtube]C’mon Let’s Fight Poverty – this is the invitation and the noble aim of the Iglesia ni Cristo led by the Executive Minister of the Church, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.  The Church initiates and delivers on projects which seeks to help our needy fellowmen alleviate their plot one at a time.

The continuing efforts of the Church in pursuing poverty alleviation programs result in more and more communities built in different parts of the country.  The communities through the instruction of the Executive Minister and through the charitable arm of the Church, the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation helps not only in building homes but in sustaining livelihood for the beneficiaries.

In the recent activity of the Iglesia ni Cristo, the B’laan tribe of South Cotabato expressed their heartfelt thankfulness to the Iglesia ni Cristo as they received bountiful aid in the continuing Lingap sa Mamamayan.  B’laan tribe Chieftain Sister Dalena Samling spoke in behalf of their tribe and expressed her appreciation to the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

The Lingap sa Mamamayan was held in the B’laan tribal land in Danlag, Tampakan, South Cotabato. The new resettlement community of the Iglesia ni Cristo for the B’laan tribe encompasses 16 hectares of land.  Amongst the aid accorded to the tribe through includes heavy equipment in the form of a pay loader and a backhoe.  The tribe also received two tractors, a pick-up truck, a coaster, two jeepneys and five motorcycles – all of the donated vehicles are brand new.   The tribe also received 10 field carabaos and 10 work horses.  Included in the inventory for the tribe are 10 two-way radios for use in the eco-farming project of the community. Ten sewing machines were initially given to the community and a hundred individuals were already given training for the garment factory scheduled to be built on the site.

During the event, members of the Social Services Office including the contingent volunteer medical practitioners were on hand for the medical and dental services.  Free medicines as well as vitamins were given to the community.  More than eight thousand goodie bags, seven thousand fight-poverty shirts and thousands of toys were given to the tribe.  New set of clothes for both male and female, for both young and old for attending the congregational worship services were also given to the tribe members.

An initial 500 housing units were built for the B’laan tribe.  Another 1,000 housing units are prepared to be built for the community.  The new housing units of the B’laan tribe members are built based on their specifications.  The units are standard with proper roofing, standard living and sleeping areas and lavatories.  Observers note that the new homes are a definite improvement from the former dwelling places of the tribe.

Brethren tribe members eagerly await the house of worship set to be built for the B’laan community.  The community at present is included in the local congregation of Danlag, ecclesiastical district of Cotabato Southeast.  A Barangay chapel is also set to be built in the mountains for the area of Datal Biao.

At present more than 2,000 members of the B’laan tribe are in the process of entering the Iglesia ni Cristo.  More missionary areas continuously being establish in the area for more B’laan tribe members who have expressed their intention to join the Iglesia ni Cristo.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is unceasing in it’s efforts to help our fellowmen to improve on their living conditions.  The efforts is likewise a call to capable non-governmental organizations to join in the fight against poverty.