“Solid Tayo” of the Ecclesiastical District of Ilocos Sur - 2016 EVM Awards Northern Luzon Winner

Solid Tayo” of the Ecclesiastical District of Ilocos Sur was hailed as the Best Film of the 2016 Northern Luzon – Excellence in Visual Media or EVM awards held in Sison Auditorium, Lingayen, Pangasinan.

The cast and crew of the film were filled with indescribable joy for the great blessing of being recognized for their efforts.  They are grateful  to the Almighty God for giving them the opportunity of representing Northern Luzon for the Finals of the Excellence in Visual Awards.

The trophies accorded to the cast and crew of the film “Solid Tayo” more than makes up for all of the tiring film shoots,  sacrifices in schedules and endless nights of editing.

Brother Jojo Vicente, minister of the gospel of the ecclesiastical district of Ilocos Sur in an interview with INC Radio tells of the immediate and enthusiastic response of their district upon knowing of INCinema 2016.  Brother Jojo Vicente further stated of the efforts of the district’s production team.  He also reminded the participants in their district to continue upholding spiritual fervor and never to wane in participating projects launched by the Executive Minister of the Church.

Brother Apollo Monte, District minister of Ilocos Sur expressed their appreciation and thankfulness to the Executive Minister of the Church, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for launching INCinema which not only fosters the talents of the brethren but more so inspires all brethren to be obedient to the commandments of the Lord God and unity with the Church Administration.

Here is the complete list of winners in the Northern Luzon EVM Awards:

Best in Promoting Christian Values
– Nueva Ecija Central

Best in script
– Ilocos Sur

Best in Cinematography
– Pangasinan East
– Ilocos sur

Best editing
– Ilocos Sur

Best in Costume Design
– Pangasinan Central

Best Production Design
– Pangasinan East

Best in Musical Score
– Pangasinan East

Best Child Performer
– Pangasinan East

Best Supporting Actress
– Pangasinan East

Best Supporting Actor
– Benguet

Best Lead Actress
– Benguet

Best Lead Actor
– Ilocos Sur

Best Director
– Pangasinan East

Special Award
-Ilocos Norte
-Nueva Viscaya

Best Film
– Ilocos Sur

Earlier in the month of June, the EVM Awards Regional Finals for Southern Luzon and Metro Manila Districts was held at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.  The ecclesiastical district of Quezon West will be representing Southern Luzon.

INCinema is one of the programs of the Church Administration through the Christian Family Organizations under the stewardship of Brother Angelo Eraño V. Manalo.  The program aims to highlight Christian values through low cost but high quality films created by brethren.