The Painting

See how Noli Mercado added some inspiration to a once empty wall in the local congregation […]

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Produced Through Faith

We sat down with a handful of the members of the cast and crew of the […]

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Finding Confidence in God

Finding Confidence in God She thought she was incapable, she didn’t think she was pretty enough […]

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Singing With a Smile

At 9 years old, Arienne Rusgal had a once in a lifetime experience, performing for the […]

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View from the Backseat

“View from the Backseat” by Alexandra Megia Looking to my right, I saw parked cars and […]

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A Common Bond

In over 35 years, Rhodora Megia has accumulated thousands of hours of traveling with choir members to different congregations in the west. Through the years, she’s learned lessons that she holds close to her heart, no matter where the drive has taken her.

Unlimited Seating

Helping with the first ever musical done outside the Philippines was certainly a labor of love by the INC members who practiced for months and took time off from work to act, sing, and dance for an event that was run by a cast and crew who had never produced anything like this before nor was it a show that members in the west had ever seen before.

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A Lifesaving Balikbayan Day

At the time, there was no known cure for Hemolytic Anemia. Doctors suggested blood transfusions and moving to Seattle (from Hawaii) to live in the Ronald McDonald house to see a specialist. My parents felt helpless, they weren’t sure what to do, but they did the only thing they knew would help.

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Coming Home to Good Advice

It would be our first time to see the then Executive Minister, Bro. Erano G. Manalo. I can still remember the feeling of excitement from waiting patiently in the lobby as the piano gracefully played, to standing in line and inching closer and closer to the huge room called “Bulwagan.”

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Keeping Memories Intact Over The Years

When I showed my son the hymnlet from his first Thanksgiving he was touched thinking about how I remembered that special occasion for him.

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