The Next Generation

See what inspires Bonifacio Talastasin, as the growth in Germany continues.

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Growing in the Far West

See how Genaro Imanil watched the growth of the local congregation of Waipahu, from the very […]

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A Larger Purpose in Life

Rudy Maranan, a pioneer member in Southern California not only witnessed the growth of the Church, […]

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A Common Bond

In over 35 years, Rhodora Megia has accumulated thousands of hours of traveling with choir members to different congregations in the west. Through the years, she’s learned lessons that she holds close to her heart, no matter where the drive has taken her.

Keeping Memories Intact Over The Years

When I showed my son the hymnlet from his first Thanksgiving he was touched thinking about how I remembered that special occasion for him.

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Special Delivery

“We just drove the seven hours to attend the worship service. We would drive on Saturdays and then we would sleep overnight in the parking lot.”

Choral group songs over the years

“Every now and then somebody would write something original, but not like what we have today with the christian music songs that we’re singing now”

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