The Numbers Game

August 3, 2018 – Continental Unity Games Finals



60-52, Team West, WOMEN’S BASKETBALL

5 sets, Canada 1, MEN’S VOLLEYBALL

3 sets, Team West, WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL

 If sports was a game of numbers – what story would the figures tell?

9.7 seconds

The West  Coast men had the big lead in the closing minutes but the Midwest buckled down on defense and made a comeback to bring the game to within two points with 9.7 seconds left. The West ended up regaining focus and came away with the win.

Playing for the Midwest women’s basketball team, Rhea Mae Cabardo – originally hailing from the East Coast – bridges her past with her present as she joined in cheering on the first ever Continental Women’s Basketball Finals.

What an amazing experience, filled with love and brotherhood. I’m so thankful to have played with these amazing women!”

Tens of thousands


The number of people who got the chance to tune in on INC50West’s Facebook LIVE feed of the Continental Unity Games finals. Spectators from around the world got a unique vantage point and expressed their excitement and support in the comments section.

#UGTEAMUSAEAST #UnstoppableMidAtlantic,” Donna Ebuen added fuel to the East Coast’s fire.

“My heart is racing!!!!!” said Felicia Nofuente.

“Aloha from Hawaii Locale of Maili,” greeted Estella Delacruz.



Among them was Merielle Mendiola Flores who cheered on the Eastern Canada Men’s Volleyball team. Her husband Brian Flores, is their coach.

“We could feel the excitement and energy even online and connecting with brethren and friends from different time zones and countries. I was literally communicating and messaging in 5 chat groups and friends. So many people from Eastern Canada GTA (Greater Toronto Area) tuned in to watch. It’s a holiday for us here and I got a half day off…perfect timing to catch the Finals! We wish we could’ve been there to witness and be part of the #UG experience. So glad I was able to watch it from beginning to end.”


Was how old Cedric Dayrit was when he started playing basketball for Church Of Christ sports exhibitions back when the Northern California Ecclesiastical District could still fit in Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo, California. Today the finals of the Continental Unity Games were hosted at San Jose State University and yesterday he played soccer with Team West.

“I always enjoyed watching soccer games. Whether it was the Premier League in England or the Bundesliga in Germany. On top of that my close friends played soccer so I wanted to play with them, most especially for Unity Games. We’ve been playing together for only a year but the love of the brotherhood made us close right away because many of us came from different locales and from different districts.”


The number of times a week Rodchild Urena would train to compete in a sport that may not have been his first choice, but has become a part of his life.

“My first love sports is actually volleyball but I tried the swimming event with the invitation of my coach Brother Antonio from Sacramento.”

He competed in the 100M backstroke and 100M breaststroke events.


The number of points that made the game that prompted a post by Kyle Acuna, exemplifying the essence of sportsmanship:

“If I’m going to tell the whole world when I win, then I have to tell them when I lose. Praises Be Unto God for the family he gave me. Congratulations to Team Canada.” #IAmStrong #IAmOne #WeAreWest#ug50west #INC50West


The only number that matters during any Unity Games. As we see in arenas, stadiums, courts and pitches even in a quiet room on a wooden table – sports has a tendency to bring out the competitive side of people, willing to do anything to win. What separates these Unity Games  from any professional sporting event you might watch in person or on tv, is that everyone here plays for one goal: unity.

The journey continues as athletes, spectators and out-of-towners head to Sacramento for the rest of the 50th Anniversary in the West celebrations.

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