Toothless Bravery

His front left tooth was wiggling since spring but Thierry Langit’s big smile is still just as contagious as the sound that’s just behind it.

“He loves to laugh and find the funny side of anything. He’ll do or say silly things just to get a laugh out of family and friends,” Darlene Langit beams, only the way a mother can when describing her son.

At just seven years old, Thierry exercised an amazing display of faith and bravery in the face of an extremely scary incident.

Darlene recalls the events that happened just after the 104th anniversary of the Church Of Christ: “On July 28th, Thierry complained of severe stomach pain. We brought him to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with appendicitis. The next day Thierry underwent a laparoscopy to remove his appendix. He was in a good amount of pain when he woke up and did not want to move at all. The nurses had to give him more pain medication just to make him comfortable enough to lay still.”

Older sister Danica drew him a “get well soon” card with an encouraging message beyond her eleven years: Hindi ka pababayaan ng Diyos (God will never leave you).

“The day after his surgery one of the producers asked me if Thierry was going to be able to perform. I passed the question on to him and he said yes immediately.”

For months Thierry and his entire family have been practicing for the 50th in the West performance and he wasn’t planning on being left behind.

“I told him he had to get stronger before he could rejoin rehearsals, and that’s how I got him out of bed to practice walking. Our director offered to let him sit out the practices until he was 100% better, but other than his surgery he hasn’t missed one day, and he never once asked to stay home.”

Darlene couldn’t be happier with Thierry’s decision and getting the greenlight from his doctors that he’s well enough to participate.

“When I was younger I was a part of the 30th Anniversary in the West celebration and it was life changing. I made deep and lasting friendships and more importantly, my faith was edified in a way that stayed with me even until now. I wanted that for them. To spend months practicing scenes and songs, which depict the history and struggles of the Churchwith fellow brethren whose single purpose was to praise God, that’s the sort of experience and lesson that they will never forget.”

While other kids are spending their summers in camps or in front of screens, the summer of 2018 will be a memorable one for Thierry. He and his family are blessed with the opportunity to celebrate together on stage; Thierry flexed his growing spiritual muscles during a trip to the ER; and oh, he lost a tooth.